Quality of life in the workplace

How Quality of Life Factors Influence the Workplace

Years ago, quality of life in the workplace meant that the work environment was a physically safe and non-threatening place to be. Today, workplace quality of life has evolved to include work/life balance. It’s a concern for any employer, because time and again, studies show that employees who are healthy—both physically and emotionally—are more productive, and that improves a business’s bottom line. continue reading →

Emotional benefits of gardening

A Return to Nature and Sanity

What is it about a garden that works so well to improve one’s mood? Well, first there is the warmth of the sunshine. Mmmm…already you are relaxing! Add the music of birdsong, fragrant flowers, a cooling breeze—paradise. continue reading →

Swimming pool

Swimming Pool Safety

Summer is an ideal time to improve your health by making nutritious food choices and increasing your activity. The joys of summer – swimming, hiking, sun – are not without risk, however. Swimming pools in particular can be dangerous if you don’t use a little extra caution. continue reading →