Great Fitness Routine Apps

Great Apps for Quick Fitness Routines

We all know how important exercise is. For some of us, the biggest stumbling block in our quest for fitness is not motivation, but time. Carving out time to go to the gym can be a challenge, especially when you’re juggling jobs, kids, and everything else that life throws your way. Lucky for you, if you have a smartphone, there’s nothing standing between you and a fabulous fitness app that you can easily add to your daily routine. Here are a few of my favorites: continue reading →

Power Foods List

Healthy Foods in Your Daily Diet

We hear so much about what not to eat that sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are plenty of foods that you can work into a balanced daily diet that have some potential health benefits. While experts are always continuing to study what’s healthy and what isn’t, the following are items are commonly known as “power foods” that you can easily (and deliciously) incorporate into your daily diet plan. continue reading →

ER vs Urgent Care

Urgent Care vs. ER: How Do You Choose?

It’s important to know when and where to go for care. If a health concern arises after hours and you cannot wait until your physician is available, an urgent care center may be the best choice.

Without doubt, the ER is appropriate when immediate medical treatment is needed for a serious accident or emergency. If you or a loved one experience a life- or health-threatening medical situation, call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest hospital right away. continue reading →

Standing Desks Promote Employee Health

Tips for Increasing Wellness in your Workplace

Employers are becoming more and more conscious of the fact that a crucial part of a company’s success is its employees’ overall wellness. Healthy employees will be more productive, take fewer sick days, and likely have a more positive outlook on their lives and jobs. Certainly, from a human resources perspective, most employers love to see healthy and happy employees, as it can beget a more cost-effective workforce. continue reading →