One If By Kayak

Nothing beats the summer heat like a day spent kayaking on one of the many lakes, creeks, and rivers that surround and span the Capital Region. It’s an activity that can easily be enjoyed solo or with a group and you need not travel far. continue reading →

state parks

Plan Your Summer Staycation at a State Park

One need not travel far this summer to find budget-friendly activities the whole family will enjoy. Those who live in and around the Capital Region are fortunate to have access to several state parks that feature museums, walking and running trails, art exhibits, and much more. Here are a few ideas to get you started. continue reading →

Quality of life in the workplace

How Quality of Life Factors Influence the Workplace

Years ago, quality of life in the workplace meant that the work environment was a physically safe and non-threatening place to be. Today, workplace quality of life has evolved to include work/life balance. It’s a concern for any employer, because time and again, studies show that employees who are healthy—both physically and emotionally—are more productive, and that improves a business’s bottom line. continue reading →

Emotional benefits of gardening

A Return to Nature and Sanity

What is it about a garden that works so well to improve one’s mood? Well, first there is the warmth of the sunshine. Mmmm…already you are relaxing! Add the music of birdsong, fragrant flowers, a cooling breeze—paradise. continue reading →