Decoding Rx Benefits

Decoding your Rx Benefits

Prescription medications can have a big impact on your health – and on your wallet. That’s why it’s so important to understand how your prescription drug coverage works – which drugs are covered, how much they cost, and how it all works. We can guide you through it. continue reading →

Managing Diabetes

Tips for Managing Your Diabetes

Whether you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes or have been dealing with the disease for many years, it’s an ever-present part of your life. For a person with diabetes, staying healthy means keeping blood sugar level within target range. That’s why what you eat and when you eat it is the key to keeping your diabetes in check. continue reading →

It's Not About Being Fit, It's About Being Thin

Your Body: It’s Not about Being Thin, It’s about Being Fit

We hear all the time in the media about how to be “fit,” and society leads us to believe that people, especially women, are more attractive if they are thin. For lots of people, the motivation to become or remain thin is to be attractive, but thin and fit are not the same thing. That’s why a weight-loss program that’s geared toward shedding pounds and not increasing exercise or eating healthy food might help you lose weight, but it may not improve your overall health. continue reading →

Great Fitness Routine Apps

Great Apps for Quick Fitness Routines

We all know how important exercise is. For some of us, the biggest stumbling block in our quest for fitness is not motivation, but time. Carving out time to go to the gym can be a challenge, especially when you’re juggling jobs, kids, and everything else that life throws your way. Lucky for you, if you have a smartphone, there’s nothing standing between you and a fabulous fitness app that you can easily add to your daily routine. Here are a few of my favorites: continue reading →

Power Foods List

Healthy Foods in Your Daily Diet

We hear so much about what not to eat that sometimes it’s hard to remember that there are plenty of foods that you can work into a balanced daily diet that have some potential health benefits. While experts are always continuing to study what’s healthy and what isn’t, the following are items are commonly known as “power foods” that you can easily (and deliciously) incorporate into your daily diet plan. continue reading →