Caving in the Capital Region

My lifelong search for adventure has sent me hurtling out of an airplane from 9,000 feet, swimming with sharks, and climbing frozen waterfalls while blocks of ice tumbled down the mountain around me – just to name a few. continue reading →

Dog walking trails

Local Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

Hiking is a fun, healthy activity that the whole family can enjoy—even your canine companion! The Capital Region offers a wealth of scenic trails that, depending on where you live, are within a relatively short driving distance. continue reading →

Top 10 Reasons to Login

In this day and age, what isn’t accessible and feasible via the internet? From shopping (clothing, groceries, housewares, you name it), to banking, to bill paying, to entertainment, if you have a web-enabled device, you can take care of all your needs quickly and efficiently. continue reading →